• BASE VaulT

    BASE Vault™ is a crypto wallet with an unlimited support of different cryptocurrencies and tokens. BASE Vault™ comes with an integrated storage for your personal data that keeps all your verified data about your digital persona in a decentralized location with you being the sole owner of the data!


    • All your crypto is stored in one place

    • Link all your addresses to one BASE Vault™ to control your portfolio

    Anonymity and Privacy

    • Your anonymous address is your identity

    • Keep your anonymity and unlinkability

    Personality that valued

    • Create and develop your digital persona

    • Full control over your own data about your internet activity, investments, purchases, earnings and wishes

    • Full security of your data is guaranteed. Even BASE developers cannot get access to your data!

    • All data is verified and anonymized

    VIP access

    • Easy anonymized login to websites via BASE

    • VIP access to content and offers customized for your personality

    • Full attention of the business when you decide to engage

    • You decide what ads and offers you want to see and when

    • Find what you are looking for and get your personalized offers in exchange for controlled access to your personality

  • BASE Login

    BASE Login™ is a simple way to know your users without asking anything. Few lines of codes provide you with an access to user’s digital persona to the verified data about his wealth, internet behavior and wishes.

    Easy to integrate

    • Few lines of codes for login widgets and API to access data from BASE™

    • Integration with MetaMask and OAuth2

    Improve conversion

    • Convert anonymous visitors to verified VIP customers

    • Customize content and offers based on verified personal information

    • Greet your VIP customers when they arrive

    Security / Compliance

    • Access user data any time with user permission. Users data is secure on a blockchain

    • Compliance with GDPR and future regulations by design

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